Snapshots (The Epic Story of My Life Appendix D)   in production

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Animator/Editor

10 min. / 35mm cinemascope. Funded by the The Canada Council for the Arts.

Rejection Letters (The Epic Story of My Life Appendix C)   in production

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer

5 min. / 35mm cinemascope.

Whitmore Park (The Epic Story of My Life Part 4)   2008

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Animator/Editor

9 min. / 35mm cinemascope. Funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskFilm & Saskatchewan Filmpool. World premiere at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. National Broadcast, CBC Television.

The Man Who Built My Childhood (The Epic Story of My Life Appendix B)   2008

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Animator/Editor

5 min. / 35mm cinemascope. Funded by Bravo!FACT.

Saskatchewan Part 3   2006

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

11 min. / 35mm. World premiere 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

All The Teachers I Have Known (The Epic Story of My Life Appendix A)   2004

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Editor

2 min. / Digital Video.

Saskatchewan Part 2 (That’s My Wonderful Town)   2003

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

12 min. / 35mm. Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, Temecula Valley Film Festival, California. Nomination for Best Cinematography, Canada’s Golden Sheaf Awards. World premiere 2003 Toronto International Film Festival.

Saskatchewan   2002

Personal Documentary, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

6 min. / 16mm. Nomination for Best Experimental Film, Canada’s Golden Sheaf Awards. 3rd place winner, Cabbagetown Film Festival, Toronto. World premiere 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.


Animation, Writer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Animator

4 min. Numerous festival screenings including Toronto & Vancouver International, Bergen Film Festival, Norway.

Remember in Between the Forget   1996

Arts Documentary, Producer/Co-Editor

8 min. / 16mm. Three nominations at Canada’s Golden Sheaf Awards including Best Arts/Entertainment. Winner of Several Saskatchewan Showcase Awards, including Best Overall

TV Stories   1996

Drama, Writer/Director/Editor

5 min. / 16mm. Numerous festival screenings.

The Weight of the World   1994

Drama, Writer/Director/Editor

17 min., 16mm. Winner of Special Jury Award, Canada's Golden Sheaf Awards. Four nominations at Canada’s Golden Sheaf Awards including Best Director. Best Canadian Short, Vancouver International Film Festival.

The 24 Store  1990

Drama, Writer/Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

75 min. / 16mm. Winner of Best Script, Saskatchewan Showcase Awards.

The Final Gift   1990


5 min. / 16mm. Named one of the ten best of Ann Arbor Film Festival by Los Angeles Film Forum.

The Blob Thing Shorts


11 animated shorts produced between 1988 and 2001.

The Floating of Mike   1990

Documentary, Writer/Director

11 min., 16mm.

Wheat Soup   1987

Drama, Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer

75 min., 16mm. Winner of several Saskatchewan Showcase Awards, including Best Overall. Motion Picture negative collection, National Archives of Canada.

Revenge of the Blob Thing

Saskatchewan Part 2

The 24 Store

The Final Gift